A lot of work goes into putting on a National. We welcome anyone to reach out to either help out or ask questions! 

General Contacts

General Chair


Events Chair


Supporting Events Chair

Answer Gal

Armband Coordinator

Chief Ring Steward Conf.

Chief Ring Steward Obed/Rally

Emergency Coordinator

Field Trial Welcome

Field Trial Awards

Karaoke Dance Party


Craig Leech

Health Clinics

Hospitality (Exhibitor)

Hospitality (Judges/Stewards)

Parade of Titleholders

Photographer (Linn)

Photographer (Field)


Social Media


Digital Administrator

Welcome Dinner

Ways and Means

Ways and Means Chair

Catalog Advertising

Anney Doucette

Catalog Sales



Raffles (Special Tickets)

Raffles (Premier Seating)

RV Parking

Premier Seating

Volunteer Sign Up

Are you looking for a way to support your club? If you work 4 hours, you will receive lunch voucher and those working a total of 8 hours over the time, will get a volunteer jacket! Please provide your contact information below amd we will reach out to you!

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