Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed in the following areas!  Four hours volunteering means a free lunch, 8 hours equals a volunteer jacket!

These areas still need help:


      • Merchandise 

      • Hunt test

      • Agility

      • Field Trial – Volunteers needed for all 3 days of the Field trial.  We could use throwers, Marshalls, set up help and general gophers.  Also any shooters if possible.

      • Health Clinic – volunteers Needed for the heart clinic, eye clinic, PU clinic,  and the DNA/CHIC blood draw clinic.

      • Conformation –  Keyboard operators

      • Track layers – It involves working about 2-3 hours on both Saturday, 9/9 and Sunday 9/10. 

    To volunteer your time, please use the form below:

    Volunteer Form

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