Scent Work Schedule

Any questions during the trials ask for Dee Dee Anderson or Eileen Oshiro. If at any point you are not able to come, and cannot reach Dee Dee or Eileen by email, please text Dee Dee at 650-823-2326 with your name and dogs call name and armband number, so we can mark you absent.

Placement Ribbons

Placement ribbons will be given out at the end of each day’s classes at the Secretary table, which should be in the Willamette building. The tentative time for awards ceremony each day is 5:00pm. If you are not present, you may pick your ribbons up the next day. Top awards will be given out on Monday after the completion of all the classes. Ribbons will NOT be mailed – you must pick up your ribbons or have someone pick them up for you. Results will be posted at the Secretary’s Table, and emailed after the National is completed.


may be allowed in the search area. This is left up to the judge. If entered, a spectator must run in the class before watching it.


Remember, after you run you cannot talk with anyone about the test. If you want to ask someone how they did, do so by showing a thumbs up or thumbs down, do not ask verbally! If you are asked how you did, you can ONLY give a thumbs up or thumbs down, you cannot talk about how your dog did! You cannot talk about how your dog did to anyone, not even by phone, and not with someone that has come with you. People can overhear your conversation, I simple “I did not search the chair”, or “I missed one,” can give information to the person who has not competed yet, this is not fair to them or other participants.

Additional Information

Photos or video: Do not share video of your runs until the trial is over. Refer to the AKC regulations if you have any questions.

No bitches in season are allowed.  Refunds will be given for bitches in season if you contact us before the trial starts.
Reactive and aggressive dogs: Please refer to the AKC regulations on reactive/aggressive dogs. Per AKC regulations no special accommodation will be made for reactive/aggressive dogs.

Crating area: Will be in the Cascade Livestock Pavilion, down by the arena area. You will be able to leave your set up overnight, but at your own risk. This will be for dogs entered or not, please do not air your dogs in the arena area where Obedience and Rally will take place. No in season bitches allowed in this crating area.

Run Order:
Run orders will be posted for you the day of the trial.  See “Conflicts”, “Lining up dogs to run”, and “Workers” below:

Conflicts: We know there will be some conflicts, and as you know, we do not know how long it will take each dog to sniff out the hides. We will do our best to manage known conflicts.  With that said, it is your responsibility to check-in and let the people know if you have a conflict(s), and it is your responsibility to run in a class before the class ends.

Briefings: Briefings will take place at the start times listed.  If you miss a briefing, you will be briefed at the start line. Classes will not start before the listed time below but could start later. Judges will take a lunch break on Monday; we do not know the time for that yet.

Lining up dog to run: We will not line up more than 3 dogs at a time. This way if someone comes over and needs to run, they will slip in at the 4th spot. Just because you might see an open spot does not mean you can take it.  Please be patient with those that have conflicts.

Workers with Dogs: Workers that are running a dog, which is most of the workers, will put themselves in when it is convenient for them to do so.

Sunday September 10

Where: Willamette Conference Center – Subject to change
Check in at Secretary’s table in Willamette Building main area.
Please be carful where you go during the Scent Work trials.  You do not want to accidentally wonder into a search area and have to forfeit your runs. We hope to have signs posted.

Judge Suzanne Edholm

12:00 noon Master HD (3)

to follow Advanced HD (4)

to follow Excellent HD (2)

1:00pm Novice HD (17)

4:00pm Detective (9)

Judge Melody Fair

12:00 noon Master Exterior (10)

to follow Excellent Exterior (11)

to follow Advanced Exterior (12)

3:00pm Novice Exterior (31)

Judge Mary Jane Shervais

2:00pm Master Interior (12)

Monday September 11

Where: Santiam Center Building
Check-in outside the Santiam Building – Do not enter the building unless told too. If you do enter the building without being told to, you will forfeit your runs.

Judge Suzanne Edholm

8:30am Novice Interior (32)

10:45am Advanced Interior (11)  

1:00 pm Excellent Interior (11)

2:30pm Master Buried (10)

Judge Melody Fair

8:30am Novice Container (31)  

10:45am Advanced Container (12)

1:00pm Excellent Buried (9)

2:30pm Master Container (10)

Judge Mary Jane Shervais

8:30am Novice Buried (30)

10:45am Advanced Buried (13)

1:00pm Excellent Container (9)

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